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Warranty is one of the most important aftersales support that a company can provide to its valuable customers. SadarExpress also provides warranty support to its customers the same like any other e-commerce website do. The product warranty is provided as per brand or manufacturer. The company can claim the product warranty to the manufacturer or brand who are then liable. Products with expired warranty are not entertained under warranty claims. The warranty of the products is offered under the specific warranty conditions of the brand or manufacturer. If the warranty claim does not fall with the conditions of the brand or manufacturer, its claim will not be entertained. For example, a hard disk company offers a warranty for its product but the warranty is not liable if the hard disk is damaged or burnt. Any customer with a burnt or damaged hard disk cannot claim for the warranty.

SadarExpress is an e-commerce website which offers items of different categories. These products are made by other brands or manufacturers. SadarExpress do not manufacture any product itself. As we do not manufacture any product, we do not offer any direct warranty. We only offer the product warranty by the brands or manufacturers and help the customers to claim their warranty. The product warranty is only applicable under the specific conditions defined by the brand or manufacturer as defined above. At SadarExpress, we do not file a claim of warranty for any product which is burnt or damaged. This is because most of the product warranties become invalid in case of damage or burn.

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7 Days Warranty

Warranty for successful delivery without any damage or missing part of the prior product

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As Provided

Warranty provided by specific brand which can be claim to directly by warranty card or invoice

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Warranty provided by website which can be claimed directly to SadarExpress

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Paid Warranty

Warranty can be purchase as provided along with the product.

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The claim for burn or damaged products will not be entertained but product warranty may apply to some categories of the products. The warranty or guarantee is only valid with the warranty card of the product. This warranty or guarantee card is provided with the product. If the warranty/guarantee card is not present inside the product packaging, the customer can open a ticket and complain to get the warranty card. The warranty card should be protected to keep the warranty/guarantee valid. If the warranty or guarantee card is lost or stolen, the warranty automatically becomes invalid regardless of anything.
If there is any issue regarding warranty or guarantee of the product, please let us know through our support within 7 days of the product receipt. After 7 days, SadarExpress is not responsible for any incident. The issues regarding warranty or guarantee will be solved as fast as we can. For example, if the customer does not receives the warranty card or receives a fake or wrong warranty card, he/she can immediately file a complaint at our support so that the issue of warranty can be solved at first priority.
The warranty and guarantee are applicable to some specific categories. Not all categories displayed on SadarExpress fall under warranty or guarantee. The imported and international items do not fall under the warranty. SadarExpress is liable for warranty claims for the products manufactured locally. The internationally manufactured products like Sony or Panasonic do not fall in the warranty. The customer can try to claim the warranty of such products himself but SadarExpress is not responsible for any type of such claim or warranty.

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