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Wallet Funds Management

Your wallet funds may never expired until you utilize it.

Can I transfer funds to another account ?

Yes, you may transfer your wallet credit to any email address which is already registered on our website. Please make sure to transfer the correct funds, because there may be no reversal on this transaction.

Please note always input your amount less 1% Transaction fee e.g. Rs 1250/- available in account and you want to transfer whole amount Please allow Rs 1237/-

Implemented from * June 2022

Transaction TypeFee TypeFee Amount
WithdrawalsNot AvailableNot Available
User to User TransfersPercentageNot Available
Fee Structure for Sadarexpress Wallet Funds Management

When a verification is required for Wallet Funds Management?

Customer using its own account for Wallet Refunds may not require any verification unless it was used for transferring funds and getting funds from another users. please click on this link if to verify your account.

Sadarexpress has right to deactivate and hold funds on failed verification.

Can I revoke any Transaction?

No, you may unable to revoke any transaction, however you may transfer to unlimited accounts anytime.

if you need further assistance please contact Support

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