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SadarExpress provides a variety of options regarding payments. It offers three basic payment options named Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and Visa/Master. This variety of payments provide a high level of convenience to its customers. Only direct payments like the ones discussed above are accepted. No cheque, demand draft or bank draft will be accepted as these are indirect payment options. Regarding tax inclusion, the prices of the products include 16% Value Added Tax. Value added tax is a tax that is being paid by every registered organization in Pakistan. A specific percentage of this tax is included in the price of the product. This tax should be paid by the customer as SadarExpress is a registered organization and we have to comply with the tax regulations of our country. The VAT is not paid by SadarExpress itself because it is the tax on the sales of the company and the customers should bear the burden of this tax. In case of bank payments through bank transfer or credit/debit card payments, the orders of the customers will be processed upon confirmation of receipt from the bank. No orders will be dispatched without payment confirmation. Any order (bank transfer order) without bank payment confirmation will not be entertained in any way. SadarExpress uses the computer-based invoicing system. The payment invoices are computer generated. The customer should pay the full amount as per the system generated an invoice. No discount or debt will be offered on the system generated an invoice. Wallet system is a new facility where the customers are offered the service of online wallet transactions. Many leading companies in the world have introduced this service. SadarExpress is currently not entertaining any Wallet system yet but we have planned to introduce this service in the near future for the convenience of our valuable customers.


Cash on delivery is the advanced facility offered by SadarExpress. Unlike the companies who ship the products without proper quality confirmation, we care about our customers. The satisfaction of our customers is our first and foremost priority. We believe in excellence. Cash on delivery (COD) is dependent upon some solid tracking of the customers like a mobile number. Cash on delivery parcels is dispatched only in the case when the phone number of the customers is confirmed. The orders without phone confirmation will not be entertained as the phone number helps to the delivery service provider to track and deliver the item to the correct customer easily. Bank transfer orders are treated differently from cash on delivery orders. Unlike cash on delivery orders, the bank transfer orders do not need phone confirmation. The orders through bank transfer will be dispatched as soon as the payment confirmation arrives from the bank. When the receipt confirmation arrives from the bank, the order is dispatched for the phone number mentioned by the customers. If the number is not confirmed or doesn’t exist, the order may fail to reach to the customer. This order is then preserved by the courier company and the customer can pick the order from the courier office. The deliveries of the orders are done by the courier services who make it sure to provide the best quality shipping experience to our customers. We are currently working with WCC (World Commerce Courier). WCC Courier Company is a trusted name which is known for its superior quality services. We are currently using WCC for all nationwide deliveries. We deliver across all the country which also includes the remote areas where some of the courier companies do not deliver. The best and most exciting feature of SadarExpress is that we are also working in the international domain. We are offering international delivery from Pakistan. The feature is exciting and amazing because most of the competitors of SadarExpress in Pakistan are not shipping international deliveries. We have a goal to achieve a competitive position not only in Pakistan but also globally. The international deliveries from our company are entertained by Pakistan Post because WCC is currently not entertaining international deliveries. International deliveries also have some conditions. For example, specific items and categories are allowed to be shipped internationally. Similarly, the orders of a specific amount are eligible for international delivery. The orders below that specific amount are not eligible for international delivery.

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