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GSM desktop phone in pakistan


Gsm desktop phone in pakistan are devices that use a wireless communications link as the ‘last mile’ connection for delivery of POTS (plain old telephone service) and/or broadband Internet service to customers. … They can also be connected to a phone system to help reduce the cost of calling mobile phones.

The fixed wireless terminal is a fully integrated device that offers users voice communication over the cellular network, with dial tone and crisp voice quality equivalent to that of a fixed line. How does a Fixed Wireless Terminal work? The fixed wireless terminal can connect to any landline telephone.

To connect your GSM FCT device, you need to insert your GSM SIM card in to the SIM Slot of the FCT device. The Antenna connected to it helps in receiving better network. It connects telephone instrument to Line1 Port of FCT and power adapter to GSM FCT.

Usually it can be useful in the area where mobile network signals may low, GSM fixed wireless can be configured with external antenna anywhere where actual signals can be get and the wire connected to main terminal.

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